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Looking for the best things to do in Los Angeles? We have you covered with the very best that L.A. has to offer. Whether you’re a culture vulture, outdoorsy type or simply a lover of our fine city, there’s more than enough here to keep you busy. Even lifelong Angelenos will find something new to add to their to-do list, between the city’s landmark attractions that are still accessible, an ever-changing inventory of the best restaurants in Los Angeles, essential L.A. museums and even some off-the-beaten path secrets. How many of the best things to do in Los Angeles will you try?

January 2022: As Christmas lights come down, we’re instead turning our attention to some less festive but still spectacular things to do in the winter—with a particular focus in this list right now on outdoorsy activities. We’ll admit that January is looking a little low-key right now in the face of a cascade of event cancellations, but check out our 2022 preview for a glimpse at what you’ll likely see popping up on this list in the coming months.

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