Cicadas in Wyoming

Scott Schell, extension entomology specialist with University of Wyoming Extension, said there are over 20 cicada species in Wyoming. Schell just got word that one species, the Pu ...

No 17-year cicadas for Oklahoma this summer

While the East Coast swarms with cicada frenzy, Oklahomans can expect the more nostalgic buzz of the dog day cicada soon enough.

Farewell Brood X: Cicadas' Time In DC Area Nears End [Photos]

The Brood X cicadas that emerged from underground in mid-May are now almost silent. The next generation will return in 17 years.

Bye Bye Cicadas: Experts Predict Brood X Will Dwindle Within Next 10 Days

Whether you love cicadas or hate them, brood x is leaving as quickly as it came. If you’re going out for a hike or visiting a park this weekend, you’ll likely see fewer cicadas. Some experts say most ...

Cicadas And Old Bay: Marylanders Find Creative Uses For Insects

The cicada buzz isn't going away. So we have day five of the Cicada Invasion here for you. Featured today is a family eating pizza topped with cicadas seasoned with Old Bay, a group that prevented one ...

The U.S. may be ready to see cicadas gone, but this French village has a statue, a song and ceramics in their honor

And the village of Le Beausset, with a population of about 10,000 people and an unknown number of cicadas, is the self-proclaimed cicada capital. Across the region, visitors can buy cicada postcards ...

The mass die-off of Brood X cicadas in Cincinnati: When and what to expect

Brood X cicadas have reached their final chapter in the Cincinnati area. Carcasses litter sidewalks as the 17-year periodical cicadas begin to die off following their epic emergence. Still, some ...

Cicadas are buzzing on the East Coast. Here’s when Kansas City will get its turn

When should we expect to hear the buzz in Kansas City? The good news is not anytime soon. Periodical cicadas have one of the more interesting life cycles of any insect. There are three broods of ...

Some bug enthusiasts still awaiting Brood X cicadas on Long Island

Experts say they are on Long Island, but you have to know where to find them -- unless you don't want to of course.

Cicadas helping fly fishers reel in big fish

If you fly fish, then this year's cicada season is something you've been waiting for. Many cicadas are ending up in the water -- and the fish are biting.