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  • Elden Ring


    Everyone has their own favorites in terms of what games debuted over the past two weeks or so, but now we have some numbers to attach what games attracted the most interest overall.

    These figures come from Benji Sales, who went through a bunch of uploads of trailers that debuted either at Summer Game Fest or E3 2021, and came up with a top eight list of which ones were the most popular. The results? Number one isn’t surprising, but the order of the rest of them might be.

    Here’s the list (numbers as of two days ago):

    • Elden Ring: 10.2m+
    • Battlefield 2042 Gameplay: 9.6m+
    • Avatar Frontiers of Pandora: 7.7m+
    • Starfield: 7.1m+
    • Zelda BOTW Sequel: 6.4m+
    • STALKER 2: 4.8m+
    • Riders Republic: 4.6m+
    • Forza Horizon 5 Reveal: 4.2m+

    It’s no surprise that Elden Ring is the most viewed, both in terms of how great that trailer was, and how anticipated the reveal has been for years now.

    Everything else? I’m a little surprised.

    Battlefield 2042 did look great, but to see it almost tied with Elden Ring is impressive. I suppose it might be the most mainstream, cross-platform title on this list.

    I am certainly surprised to see the Avatar game at number three. I mean I know it closed the Ubisoft show, but that’s still impressive given its competition. It did have a rather gorgeous trailer full of lush landscapes and good action, I suppose (speaking of, Horizon Forbidden West isn’t on here because it wasn’t a part of either show).

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    Starfield comes in at the middle, which I suppose I understand, given the nature of that spot. I’m a little surprised to see Forza Horizon 5 bringing up the rear, as it took home the best of E3, though I suppose it’s niche in two ways, as both an Xbox only game and a racing title. The same goes for Zelda, I suppose, given that it’s Switch only, but still pretty high on the list as another highly anticipated trailer showcase.

    If Horizon Forbidden West was included? It would probably be near the top. Even a cursory search for that gameplay footage from three weeks ago seems like it’s approaching 10 million views, though I suppose all of these will continue to climb over time.

    2022 is going to be a hell of a year, if half these games make it out then.

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    Source : https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2021/06/19/elden-ring-battlefield-2042-lead-most-viewed-trailers-of-e3-and-summer-game-fest/

    ‘Elden Ring,’ ‘Battlefield 2042’ Lead Most Viewed Trailers Of E3 And Summer Game Fest


    ‘Elden Ring,’ ‘Battlefield 2042’ Lead Most Viewed Trailers Of E3 And Summer Game Fest

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