It was not their best performance, but Cruzeiro were able to win the first leg and go to the final 16 of the Copa do Brasil. Bruno José scored the only goal as Raposa defeated Juazeirense 1-0 at Mineiro on Thursday afternoon.

The visitors will require two or more goals to go to the next round. If the score is leveled in the return leg, penalties will be used to determine the winner.

Cruzeiro got off to a better start than Juazeirense, taking control of the offensive field and attempting to corner their opposition within the first few minutes. Bissoli and Airton both had decent chances, but Fox was unable to score, allowing the opposition to have a foothold in the game.

The visitors relied on Kesley’s straight attacks and counterattacks, while the Minas Gerais outfit used short passes and side inversions to try to build the game from the back. Despite having less ball possession, Juazeirense had

one of the best chances of the first half with a shot from outside Clébson’s area, which was defended by Fábio.

The quality of the game dropped after the break, and it became more nerve-wracking. After 57 minutes, two players on each side had received yellow cards. Bruno José found space in the box to collect a cross. Almost in the smallest of spaces, he managed to maneuver and put Cruzeiro ahead.

After conceding, Juazeirense went on the attack but couldn’t find a way through. Cruzeiro stuck to their more rhythmic approach, which allowed them to finish the game and take the win.

Cruzeiro and Juazeirense will meet again at the Adauto Moraes stadium in Juazeiro today.

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Regional Do Cariri Airport, Juazeiro Do Norte, Brazil [ JDO / SBJU ]


Regional Do Cariri Airport, Juazeiro Do Norte, Brazil [ JDO / SBJU ]

First Communion in Juazeiro do Norte, Brazil, 1981


First Communion in Juazeiro do Norte, Brazil, 1981