Election Regionale Ile De France

Macron campaigning in rural areas ahead of 2022 re-election bid

French President Emmanuel Macron is campaigning in the Pyrenees as he prepares for a what could be a tough election.

France’s problem with polls

Opinion polls are influential in all democracies, criticized constantly but watched obsessively. In France, however, the polls are more than just influential; they have become part of the country’s ...

Head of Paris region announces presidential bid

The head of the Paris region, Valérie Pécresse, will run for president next year, she told Le Figaro Thursday. “I want to put the country back in order. In 2022, France must start anew. This summer, I ...

Macron faces new threat to presidency - Bertrand vows to sort out Macron ‘mess’

EMMANUEL MACRON'S position as French President could be under attack from his political rival Xavier Bertrand.

Valérie Pécresse adds ‘feminist touch’ to French presidential elections

The head of Paris’s regional council declared herself a presidential candidate yesterday, laying down a challenge to Xavier Bertrand, the frontrunner in the race for the conservative nomination at ...

The meaning of Macron

The French president is accused of being out-of-touch — but so too were many of his predecessors. Can he once again steer through the centre and win a second term?

France announces 2022 presidential elections in April

PARIS. KAZINFORM - The 2022 French presidential elections will be held in April, a government spokesman confirmed on Tuesday, Anadolu reports.

Xavier Bertrand: Smalltown politician trying to put France’s Macron on the back foot

When smalltown politician Xavier Bertrand jumped into a tiny vintage car emblazoned with an incongruous legend, “Presidency of France, an aide tweeted an ...

Algerians Toppled a President. Now They Are Fighting for Real Democracy.

Two years since millions-strong protests toppled Algeria’s longtime president, June’s regime-organized elections met with a massive popular boycott. For Algerians to really control their lives, the ...

France's Le Pen: we will not return to the old National Front

French Far Right leader Marine Le Pen, facing criticism following defeat in last month's regional elections for making her party too mainstream, said on Sunday she would not change course. On Sunday, ...